6 Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden

Gardening. Gone are the days where we have the time to potter around the garden all weekend and keep our garden looking perfect.

Gardening is one of those seen, but not done types of things for a growing number of people. We all love a beautiful garden, but it’s safe to say not all of us have the time to invest in keeping our garden beautiful.

Kinetic Landscaping have been working with Perth home owners for many years now, and we are seeing a real trend towards low-maintenance gardens. So what better way to kick off our new blog, than with some simple advice about creating your very own Western Australian low maintenance garden.

Put your feet up and relax in your own low-maintenance garden

Put your feet up and relax in your own low-maintenance garden

Composite decking

Regular decking will need constant attention, sanding, staining, and/or oiling.

Regular decking will need constant attention, sanding, staining, and/or oiling.

Composite Decking is a great option if you want to do practically zero work on this area of your yard. Yes, it costs more to begin with, but composite decking is much more economical in the long run.
Kinetic Landscaping only use the best quality product, a composite decking that comes with a 25 year manufacturer guarantee. Your composite decking is scratch resistant, it doesn't rot, you wont get annoying splinters, there is no annual, time consuming sanding, staining or oiling required, it doesn't warp, and there is no chance of termites destroying your investment.

Artificial Lawn

artificial lawn in Perth Western Australia

For a lawn that looks green all year round with virtually no work to maintain; you can’t go past artificial lawns in Perth. No watering, no additional costs for installation of reticulation, no fertilisers, no mowing, no weeding and Kinetic Landscaping stocks a product that removes the annoying pet urine smell that can occur with artificial grass.


Paving Perth Western Australia

Paving is great to use for many areas. Paving is a multi-functional product that can look very expensive for a quite reasonable investment if you choose the right products. There are so many varieties of paving to choose from these days, you can easily get confused. My tip is to use the process of elimination (great for most areas of my life)
Paving also looks fabulous around your pool area, under an alfresco or BBQ area, or in hard traffic areas. Paving keeps you pets from digging holes, minimises weeds, and depending on your colour choice, can make a great visual statement (using a different border can frame this nicely too).
You will have to sweep I’m afraid, but this is still a great low-maintenance option for your landscaping.

To help your paving stay looking nice for some time to come we always recommend sealing paving to prevent staining and weathering.

Stone, steppers, and Reticulation

Using reticulation in your garden can reduce water wastage considerably

Using reticulation in your garden can reduce water wastage considerably

This is kind of a three for one deal in regards to tips. Using stone, and steppers as a feature with a weed mat placed under to
prevent weeds, can be the ultimate low maintenance garden addition. You use less paving with steppers so it can be much more economical too.

Always use reticulation in your garden beds as there's less water wastage. The water spray is directed straight to the desired area, lessening evaporation, and you’re not standing there hand watering when you could be doing something more productive with your time. I'm so glad we have reticulation in our garden as we have lawn, and a rather large garden area so this would take me forever to do every watering day.
I can still enjoy my garden while not having to do yet another task in my long list of things to do everyday.
If you don't have reticulation, my advice is to call a professional and get it sorted and ready for Spring and Summer in Perth.

Choice of Plants is Crucial

Succulents can be a great drought resistant option for your low-maintenance garden.

Succulents can be a great drought resistant option for your low-maintenance garden.

Using natives for your area is a must if you’re going for a low maintenance option. Native plants to your region use ‘bugger all’ water. Succulents are also a good choice, however you still have to water these at some point or they will die. Everything requires water at some point, which reminds me to drink more myself, water
that is. Plant placement is crucial as a shade loving plant wont make it under the full sun, and a full sun plant wont last in full shade, so it pays to do a bit of research or just ask questions. I annoy so many people with my never ending questions, but how will we ever find out if we don't ask?

Don’t forget your vegetables. You don’t require a huge amount of space for veggies either, from pots to garden beds; who isn’t satisfied with growing and eating your own? Going for a brisk walk around your area (or a suburb that's similar to the climate and location of yours) is a great way to get some exercise, be nosy, and get some great ideas as to plant selection. Take not of how big they may grow too, people forget about this one and in years to come are forever pruning. This is good if you like to spend
time working in your garden, but not so much if you just want to sit and drink frozen cocktails in summer or autumn or spring or whenever (you get my drift though)

Be Practical With Your Space

Most of all think about how you want to use your yard. Your landscaped garden is an extension of your home, you paid for it so use it to its full potential.

Do you have shade? An area to entertain? Whether you have an acre, 800 or 400 sqm; you can be smart with your space and get full use of it all.

Well there you go guys and gals, that’s my 6 (ish) tips for a low maintenance garden here in Perth, Western Australia. I hope I’ve helped stimulate some ideas for you. I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas and jot them down here and on our social media channels. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions as you think of them, we’re more than happy to help you achieve your landscaping goals, and we love helping people achieve a beautiful living environment. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Now relax in your hammock, and enjoy your low maintenance garden.