Take An Adult To Work Day

During the recent school holidays, we had the great opportunity to help out with a little landscaping of our own.

We had a few errands to do to help out Dad today. Firstly we had to pick up a pallet from the work site and then drop off some pallets to the team at Freostone and then pick up a few more pavers. Dad suggested it was time for a break, but we soldiered on so we could earn a serious break. As we work more with Dad, we will help him understand the work vs break time ratio.


So it was back to the work site to unload, help out Dad with some prep work for laying pavers, and then off to the corner shop for that hard-earned treat.

It’s all about maintaining the perfect sugar to workload balance on the job site, and we feel we have mastered the science of creating optimum energy levels with a healthy dose of treats.

Basically, we look at work plus two times the treats equals economy of movement. Or for all the algebra stars out there:

W+2WxT=$$$ where W=Work and T = Treats


We didn’t want Mum to miss out, so we took her to the park after work for being such a good supervisor. We feel with our help, a little time, and a lot of patience, Mum and Dad could be superstars and worthy of a full-time gig with our start-up company. Time will tell if they have what it takes ;)

Thanks from Midas (6) & Phoenix (5)